Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pictures of the hubby

If your family is like my family, you change into comfy clothes after work and church!  Our kids ask to put on "play clothes" when we get home from church. ha. So this past Sunday, Edwin was in his "comfy clothes", and Kai (our middle) asked him why he wasn't dressed nice. I think it was because Kai was wearing his Easter clothes I had just bought him! I guess Kai wanted Edwin in his Easter clothes too. SOOOO, Edwin disappeared and came out like this:

Keira- "daddy, why do you look like that?!" 
Edwin- "oh...whatever do you mean?!"
Edwin thinking- "yeah, can I put my comfy clothes back on?!"
I hope this helps you feel better today hubby! 


  1. I am all about the comfy clothes. I change every time I get home from anywhere. Andy keeps his church clothes on all day!! I don't get it.

  2. Hahaha...I am cracking up! Too funny!

  3. What a sweet hubby you have!!!


  4. He is REALLY handsome...OKay, he is just darn smokin' hot! There I said it. All the women were thinking it, but I had the guts to tell you!

    You both are a beautiful couple..

  5. That is so cute and funny. It sounds like yall are having so much fun!! I miss seeing you!!


  6. Aaaawwwww...what a sweet daddy!

    BTW, I love all of your spring decorating in the last post. The bell jar is so gorgeous. I've checked our Michael's with no luck. I'll keep checking back. I NEED one of those beauties!