Monday, March 30, 2009

Back from Dallas

We're back from Dallas, and had a great weekend! Edwin attended a job fair for Lewisville so hopefully that's one step closer to moving! I didnt get any pictures, but have one quick story! Kade was helping my dad clean the pool, the morning we were leaving. Before I continue, may I add that it was 40 degrees all weekend! He was holding the pool stick (ya know, the one with the net on the end), and slipped off the edge right into the pool! The pool stick hit his "tenders" so he was in pain and freezing! He was a little embarrassed that he fell in, AND had to wear some of my shoes! 

So, my menu plan and recipes are posted over at my food blog; Ya Get What Ya Get, and Ya Don't Throw a Fit. If you're interested, hop on over! Til the next time-


  1. Poor Kade...he pulled a Cayman stunt. Cayman's famous of falling into pools, ponds...or any other form of water within 10 feet of her.

  2. Oh - -poor guy! That must have hurt! I'm glad he's okay.

    I will have to check out your food blog. How cool!