Thursday, March 5, 2009

Let's have a baby; or a kitten for now!

I've always loved cats. I had two brothers growing up; Mario and Luigi. Dont judge me on their names. My brother and I were in elementary and middle school at the time, and I"m pretty sure he persuaded me to name them after his favorite Nintendo game. I'm a little surprised I didn't push for Sprinkles (The Office, anyone?!), Tinkerbell, or Cabbage Patch. Maybe my dad couldn't handle the boy cats having a feminine, fairy tale name.  But nonetheless, I loved Mario and Luigi and I dressed them up in my baby doll clothes, when they were kittens. A few years after we adopted Mario and Luigi, Mario passed away. 
We got a dumb dog as a replacement (mom and I went to the pound and "surprised" my dad with a new, dumb dog). We eventually had to put Buttercup (ahhh; there's the female name I pushed for! Princess Bride anyone?!) to sleep, because she couldn't keep her teeth to herself. She also had a tumor the vet found, so it was multiple strikes against Buttercup. I don't think my dad ever liked Buttercup, so I think Buttercup got sick for my dad. "ASSSSSSS YOOOOOOOUUUUU WIIIIIISSSSHHHH" 
After Buttercup, my mom and I brought home a little kitten from the pet store (are you seeing a theme?), because I swore Luigi was lonely. Simba entered our family when I was in the 7th grade! Simba; yes, he was orange and white and super spunky! He used to run around the house and we would all yell; "Fire in the hole!" Well, Luigi was put to sleep after suffering tremendously from an illness that couldnt be helped. I was living in Waco after college, and was really sad! I think I drove home that weekend; don't judge me. 
I moved to Houston and got married, so it was just down to my mom, my dad, and Simba. Simba always slept with me when I returned home to visit, and although that's nice and sweet and all, he threw up all the time! I think my parents just had it with him, and poor little Simba was shipped to a new home! My mom found an older single lady that has a lot of cats, and Simba became another one of her babies. Although I was sad to see Simba go, it was just best for everyone (tear, tear). 
I like cats. Edwin hates cats. I've been slightly open to a dog, but I'm the one that's going to be home all day, taking care of the dagum dog. I'd much more prefer a kitten! They're so cute and cuddly, and don't require as much attention and maintenance as dogs. Just yesterday, Edwin told me he had a quick flash of "maybe". He figured it would make me REALLY happy (and a baby), the kids would love it, and he would just kick the cat a few times to train it to leave him alone (yes; he pushed away Simba too). As he was telling me his thoughts, I was visibly getting excited for what was about to come! Was he seriously about to tell me to get a kitty!? Alas, he ended his story with a resounding "NAH". 
Dang it! On a positive note, he actually pondered it and thought about it! That was the first chip to fall off. 


  1. Ohhhhh. Poor girl. The Twitty family does not "do" cats. We just don't like them.


  2. Oh - so sad! You should really give the dog thing another try. We have the sweetest little dog!

    Good luck!


  3. I only wanted the cat because it's been so long since I kicked one! haha.

  4. We had a couple cats "adopt" us... wink wink. Just sayin' .... no preganacy stretch marks, no poopy diapers, a pleasant purr ...

  5. I love cats. They rock. I was just bugging my hubby to get a kitten about a month ago. He said no. We have a cat, that's almost 12, but I'd love to have a kitten too. I keep hoping that a kitten or cat will show up on my doorstep too.