Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Easter decorating

I did a little Easter decorating, from stuff in a storage box in the garage! I purchased one bag of Easter eggs at Michael's, and hope to get more on sale after Easter! I always struggle with table centerpieces, and there's plenty of ideas and pictures that I really like, but I"m just not going to spend the money.  Here's to cheap, free, and easy!

A little chandelier fun 

Our table; Easter bunny taper holders, and some yellow Easter basket filler. It looks kinda silly, if you ask me and I'm sure I'll change it tomorrow. 
Here's my Easter paint can with lots of Easter candy inside! I re did this 3 times, but finally settled on this design. The best part is, it was free. Cheers to already owning scrapbook paper and ribbons!

Do you see how many Peanut Butter Eggs are in there?! Edwin and Kai are obsessed with them

Our side table in our Family room. Here are my Apothecary jars that I just bought! I had three, but well; one died. 
I bought these eggs at Michaels, and I really like them! They were $4.99 a bag.
A little hard boiled eggs and grass from the backyard, completes this look!

Ta Da! Don't ask me what I'm going to fill the Apothecary jars with after Easter. I don't know yet! I'll find something!


  1. Hi! Really Cute! Love the Easter paint can.

  2. Hi Michelle!

    Your home is looking lovely and so festive. All of the Easter decorations look great!


  3. I have candles holders you can put stuff in; I had jelly beans for Easter last year and conversation hearts for Valentine's day...I do not remember what I put in there after...I think gerber daisies.

  4. And where did you get your kitchen table?? I love it and it is exactly what I am looking for!!

  5. Apparently hard boiled eggs stink. HAHA. My husband threw them away. It was a good thought! Gia, I got the table at World Market (and chairs and bench).

  6. LOL...the hard boiled eggs...
    RIP, Apothecary jar, RIP. :(

  7. Those are SO creative! I love that, never seen anyone do that!

    By the way, I featured you as one of my newest followers! Come check it out!

  8. Your spring decorations are just darling!

  9. I love your spring decorations! I think you inspired me to do some too :) Your blog is really great!!

  10. PS where did you get your apothecary jars?