Friday, March 6, 2009

AH; there's strange men on my roof!

So I came home to this...

Can you see our new fence in the back!?  I"m so excited that our fence is done and now they're working on our roof, skylights, and chimney! So wonderful; and loud. Oh; Aside from all the shingles that are being thrown off our roof, I saw an energy drink can thrown off the roof too. haha


  1. Fabulous arent they? Construction workers, I mean... Messy and loud and gross. But when they are done: The sweetness begins! Congrats on the work being done. It is great to check projects off one by one (or three by three).

  2. It's obnoxious while it's been done, but it will be so nice when they're done! Watch out when you undress- there might be a face peeking in!


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