Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our house is now for sale!

We did a lot of work over the weekend, to prepare for our house being on the market! I've been painting all the baseboards, trim, and doors in our house (still have a little more to do), and we worked on some landscaping! I bought a bunch of flowers and Edwin got a truck load of mulch, and we all pitched in together to add some curb appeal! Here are a few pictures from this weekend. Now that our house is officially For Sale, you can be praying that our house actually sells! 

Beginning to unload the mulch
Keira trying to decide if she actually wants to pick up the rake...
I think Keira is pointing, and Kai is raking 
The walkway to our "front door". You can't see it from the front! Interesting huh?!
Kade working hard
Keira working on spreading the mulch around the front tree. This was her "special project"
The front
I spaced out the flowers in their pots, to get a visualization of where to put them all, before we planted them! 

We had an assembly line. Edwin dug the holes; then Kade, Kai, or I planted the flowers behind him, and Keira picked up the flower pots. 

Kai babysitting his school "Ted E Bear" (we had him for the weekend)
Ta Da!
Almost to the front door! 
The front tree looks so much better with some mulch and flowers!

Oh; here's the front door! I painted the trim to help it pop! 

Just another view
And the For Sale sign! Yeah! 


  1. It looks great!!!! I'm praying for a quick sell but by the looks of it I can't imagine why it wouldn't :)

  2. Your house is so cute - I am sure it will sell very quickly. Those flowers look beautiful!

    What a lot of work!


  3. Everything looks beautiful! Prayers for a quick sale.

    BTW: I love your new blog header! Great picture!