Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kai's field day

Kai had his field day on Friday! It was so different than Kade's (not to mention, a lot shorter!), and such a blast to watch! Kai is so fast and athletic! Here are a few pictures and video. Happy mother's day! 

This is Kai and his friend Garrett parading their ribbons! Kai got second in the first race..only because he slowed down at the VERY end, and Garrett took one extra step and stepped in front of him for First! 
Kai got second in the sack race! That's him on the left in the blue shirt
So cute; parading his ribbon 
The boys in Kai's class (obviously I cropped out most of the class!), doing the tug-of-war against other classes. They got first! I'm not sure what Kai is doing here; haha. 

Now he's concentrating! 
This is Kai's cousin, Seth (in the front)! It was fun to cheer on Seth too!
Kai and Garrett at the end of Field Day (we were able to check out our kiddos and take them home!)

Here's a quick video of one of the races. All the kindergarten classes did a relay race against each other, and Kai was the first runner and the last runner for his class. They got first place! Kai's smokin fast


  1. Now THAT's a cute kid!!! I didn't realize he was so fast......I guess up until now, I've just seen a layed back, daisy pickin boy. Who knows what we'll see out of him in the future!!

    Love yall~ Mimi and Grandpa

  2. To quote a certain 6 yr. old that I know . . ."I'm the fastest kid in kindergarten Dad!" - Yes son, we know . . . haha.