Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kade's field day

Today was Kade's field day (my first field day as a parent!). It was SUPER hot and it was almost 3 hours long, but I was so glad I went!  Poor Keira was bored and sweating, but I took some snacks and drinks for her; glad I did! A lot of parents took the day off and cheered their kiddos on. Kai's field day is tomorrow, and his is only 45 minutes long (I suppose they don't expect the same out of 6 year olds!)  Here are a few pictures from the day

Kade during the Tug-of-war (you can tell he's starting to slip! For those of you that aren't family, he's  second from the left; white shirt and red shorts)
This is Mason (cousin) after winning 2nd place in the 100 yd. dash
Here, Kade is watching the 4th grade girls run. I had to take a picture; since he "leaned" in to watch!
Kade about to start the baton race
Kade finishing 2nd in the 200 yd. dash. Stole this picture from Misty. 
They're smokin the other kids!
Last but not least, a video. It might be boring for you to watch, but It's my proud mama moment! Kade was lined up for the tire push relay (I have no idea what its actually called), and I realized he was helping a special ed student. He was the last leg of the race and ran alongside this special kiddo. He told me his PE teacher asked him if he would, and he said that was fine with him. He's really beginning to make decisions that show his good character; both at school and in baseball! Speaking of, he was one of the only kids at his baseball game last night, that DIDN'T throw his glove down in a fit after they lost. We told him that we would much rather see him make a good character decision like that, than hit a double. In the beginning of the season, he would get really upset if he messed up or stuck out. Now, he's a lot more composed and building character! Okay; enough of the mama soap box. 


  1. I am so PROUD of that boy! For as competitive as he is, and to agree to 'race' with that boy knowing full well he's going to lose - and to lose patiently and dignified as he helps that boy; just makes my heart swell! What a kid!

  2. mama and papa judy are proud! Show Kade our comments. Way to go Kade. It's those kinds of decisions and moments that will grow you into a good man like your daddy - and papa judy!!!

  3. Loved watching the video...when the PE teacher asked me who I wanted that was in that PE class to run with my special one, I immediately thought of Kade. I knew he'd do a good job and that it'd be a shining moment for him!
    Loved the pics!

  4. You are right it was hot, but oh what fun to watch Kade & Mason do their best! I loved watching Kade help Misty's special needs child. He's such a special young man & we know God has something really great planned for his life. We love ya'll. Patti & Martin

  5. Well, I guess it's unanimous......We all think he's wonderful!! I love what you said about being prouder of him than if he'd hit a true. Thanks as always for sharing.
    Love yall~ Mimi and Grandpa