Tuesday, April 5, 2011

top 10 summer essentials

Today over at SimplySweetLife, the Tuesday topic is your top 10 favorite summertime memories or activities. Here's my list that I came up with! It certainly gets me in the mood for summer! 1. Having my husband home all summer! (lets face it; having some help with 4 kids ALL summer is pretty nice!) 2. Snow cones and Sonic drinks 3. Vacations (A possible Florida trip is in the works; I hope it works out!) 4. Sleeping In (I put this because its a memory I USED to have. Not so much anymore, with 4 kids. DONE are the days of sleeping in! 5. Birthday's! (we have 5 of 6 birthday's during the summer!) 6. Pool time 7. Sun dresses 8. Cuz Camp (Every summer our kids and 2 of their cousins on my side of the family, get together with my parents and have "cuz camp". My parents plan a trip and we all go. Its a very special time, as my parents lead bible studies, have them memorize verses, and the kids have a blast! Last year we did this in Florida, this year we're going to my parents cabin out in East Texas. 4 wheelers, dirt bikes; etc. Fun times! 9. Baby pool in the backyard (this is a new memory I want to have with my little one this summer!) 10. Popcycles
Ready for summer!?


  1. Sundresses were on my list too! Love them, a nice easy look for a busy mama! I would love having my husband home all summer....

  2. Having hubby at home all summer... Oh my how I would love that! That's amazing you have five birthdays in the summer! Out of the seven of us in my family (plus the three spouses and four grandkids) no one is born in the summer months!

    Thank you so much for participating... You're always adorable and so sweet! :)

  3. Thank for popping by via hop along Tuesday. Loving the look of your blog. Following you back