Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1st birthday inspiration

Our babies first birthday is coming up in May. I CANT believe it; seriously. It makes me sad to think how big he's getting, but so happy and excited for each new stage with him! One of his favorite things is balls. So I think for his party, Im just going to get plates and stuff that are polka dots like ball pit balls, and go off that. He has a little ball pit, and I thought it would be cute to use the balls to decorate with. Also, I may fill a baby pool outside, with some ball pit balls. Here are some inspirational pictures! Come dream with me (because I'm too cheap to do anything close to these pictures! And lets face it; with 4 kids, a huge blow out expensive party just doesn't happen!)
Love these cupcake toppers

LOVE this cake! I wonder if I can do it....I like the apothecary jars with candy too! Im sure I can do that Love all the bright colors here Another super cute, not profesional, polka dot cake
Cute idea for cupcakes!
Now here's a cheap way to get polka dots; colored plates!
Love this.
Polka dot cups
polka dot plates

Cute ideas huh?! All it takes is money and the imagination!

*Most of the pictures were found at PolkaDotBirthday.

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  1. I love all that!!!! We went all out for my kids first birthdays... it's so much fun planning and stressful at the same time! Good luck, I love the polka dot theme!

    Thanks for the follow, I'm now following you back. You have such a cute blog!


  2. love it, can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. I loved planning my baby's first birthday party; I went a little overboard ordering stuff on Etsy but hey, everyone has their weakness!

  4. I love the polka dot plate idea and the cupcakes are super cute!!! I can't believe he's almost 1 either!!!

  5. Really cute ideas. I especially like the paper plates one. So simple. But so cute!

  6. Omg so cute! Love the polka dots ^^

  7. So cute! Love the cupcakes.

    following back. thanks for stopping by!

  8. Love the polka dot theme.I am currently deciding on my son's second Birthday party. Pop over and let me know which theme you like best :)

  9. oh such cute ideas! My DD's 2nd birthday party is this Sat, and I am having it at the local children's museum so they are taking care of everything! My girls are 19 months apart. Thanks for stopping by my blog! New follower! =)

  10. I like that Meme! I will join in next week! And who doesn't love a red mixer?!

    Thanks for stopping by,
    Lesli :D
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  11. i love the idea of colorful polka dots for birthday parties!

    new follower,
    be sure to join our Alexa hop this week:

    xo, shari

  12. Hey!! My sons 1st birthday was in November, we used primary colors and polka dots for his party! We used gum balls for decoration, and all the finger food I served were ball shaped! It was so easy and I had soooo much fun with that theme, I can’t wait to see what you do!