Monday, March 14, 2011

Diary of a non sleeping baby; weekend update

On Friday night, my husband took the monitor and was going to watch Kase that night. Even though I wasn't waking up and dealing with a baby, I STILL woke up a few times out of habit! Yack.

I got the baby when he woke up in the morning, (full of poo AGAIN! Poor guy has had some tummy trouble past few days and is going 5 times a day!), and had no idea how he did during the night! When my husband woke up, he told me he slept THROUGH the night! Wha?! I teared up; I couldn't believe it!

The next two nights, he didn't sleep through the night, but he did sleep better than usual! Saturday night, he slept all the way until 5 (or technically 4, because the time change?!), cried for 45 minutes and went back to sleep.

Sunday night he slept until 2 and cried for about an hour, then went back to sleep until 8.

So this is still progress. He hasn't completely figured it out, but SO MUCH progress! We leave on Thursday for Florida for a quick weekend trip, so I'm crossing my fingers all this doesn't get thrown out the window!

So that's my weekend update! Stay tuned...


  1. Yay!! Hopefully one day you will quit waking out of habit; however I STILL tend to do the same thing!

  2. I'm glad it's getting better. Much more bearable than every hour or two! Do you feel better? Oh and I live in FL (near Kennedy Space Center). Are you going to a beach or the theme parks?