Thursday, March 10, 2011

Diary of a non sleeping baby; part 2

(no mama; I did not eat the chocolate)
Part 2
This post isn't going to be nearly as long as the previous one. First of all, I want to thank all of you; friends, family, twitter and blog followers, for your comments and encouragement yesterday. Many of your comments made me laugh (a zillion pacifiers in the crib eh?! The emergency room?!), and many of your comments made me so thankful for support, and the realization that non of us are in this alone! And Katie...I'm SOOOO not trying to scare you! Besides, isn't your baby already a great sleeper?!
Moving on...
Kase was obviously exhausted yesterday from not sleeping the night before, and had some great naps! I think at 5:30 he was still napping, and I went and got him up! Since he took such a late nap, he stayed up until 9 last night. Which honestly, I really like it when he stays up late. Why? Because WHEN he does wake up for the first time, it might be midnight or later, instead of like 10 if he goes to bed at 7? Make sense?!
Kase actually fell asleep while Edwin was holding him watching TV! The little guy just closed his eyes, I put him in his crib, and that was that. Yippie!
After eating some snicker doodle cookies and watching Modern Family (greatest show ever; well, almost) with the husband, I conked out myself. (It just struck me as a little strange, that I"m giving ya'll a play by play of my night. Now you know what a glamorous and exciting life I lead. haha)
I heard Kase cry a few times but he quickly fell back asleep. Or at least I think he did. I remember being so tired, that I could wake up to watch him on the monitor. So maybe he did a lot of crying, and Im just not aware?!
He made it all the way until 3 (whew hew!), which was the "im sitting up and really made at mom" crying time. He cried from 3-4:30 straight (who said they will fall asleep after like 30 minutes?! liars).
Sometimes I turn the monitor up because I want my husband to hear him, and do something about it. Isn't that horrible?! I don't think I REALLY mean to do it, but a very sleepy and emotional night time me, goes AWOL during the night. I almost woke him up, and asked him to pat him a little, but I stood my ground and left him alone.
So that was his crying time and he fell back asleep, and woke up again at 7:15. Im sure he would have slept later, but our alarms go off at 6:45 and there are 3 kids banging around getting ready for school! It doesnt matter how many times I say to get ready quietly; I know they try. Or maybe they don't. Our oldest is by FAR the loudest. He does everything by banging around. Seriously. I guess it is, what it is.
I feel good this morning. Even though he had that long spat of crying, I never got out of my bed. That's the first time in 9 1/2 months, that I haven't moved! I feel proud of myself. It seems to be getting better (yay!); although, I fully expect another few hours of crying tonight. We shall see!
You know what scares me?! That we FINALLY might have all this sleeping stuff figured out, and we're going to Florida next weekend. I'm pretty sure Kase will either be in a pack and play, or in our bed at the Hotel, and that may throw all this out the window?! I dont want to think about that. Hopefully not.
Ready for night 3...


  1. Sometimes I turn the monitor all the way up and put it next to my hubby's head on the pillow and go to the bathroom. So, don't feel bad about that. :)

  2. At 6am today, you would have heard, as the kids were badgering me to get up, "Why don't you ever ask Daddy to get up with you?" And then a groan from Jason.

    Glad you got to stay in bed last night!

  3. We always let our kids take late naps- till 5 or 5:30 and then put them to bed around 9. Not to say that this is your answer because it didn't always work beautifully for us- Cole was an awful sleeper. I think just more so because he is the more difficult one. There were so many times I had to walk outside or pray for patience because he was so difficult when it came to sleep. Many, many hard nights/nap times. ( Riley on the other hand always was an awesome sleeper and still is). If this next baby is anything like he was, I will just freak out.

    In any case, you will eventually find what works and sometimes the CIO method is hard but it always worked for us once I learned to not give in and go rescue him. So be proud of yourself because I know where you are. He will learn and eventually everyone will have a new groove and probably all feel much more rested.

    Hope it gets better soon. ;)