Thursday, February 25, 2010

Entering my 3rd Trimester (and a tribute to Edwin at the end)

 I have my next appointment on Monday (7 months!), so I'll post some updates and newest pictures then (because I keep growing; obviously). I also have my Glucose Tolerance test and was told I'll be there for a few hours. I HATE getting blood work and am prone to passing out. 

How am I going to have this baby?!

I've entered my third trimester which sounds CRAZY. Case (Kase?) is due in exactly 3 months from now. 

Bassinet- check
Baby bedding- check
Baby dresser- check
Glider- check
Registered- check
Registered for birthing class- check (mid April)

It's exciting to see Case's Corner in our room, and the only thing missing, is him! I say Case's Corner, because let's be honest; when you get to the 4th, you put them where you can! ...Especially when you live in a 3 bedroom house. 

I've FINALLY been able to take prenatals starting this week; without getting sick. It only took almost 7 months. I NEVER had morning sickness or anything; just got sick at night when I attempted prenatals! I certainly got nauseous and gagged a lot the first trimester though. Man, I'm glad thats over with. I also went to bed at like 8! 

It's super fun to see Case squirming around in my belly. Its bizarre to watch my stomach move around. I swear he's doing gymnastics sometimes! I've been trying all week to get a video with my Iphone to post, but every time I start recording, he stops! Typical. If it was a girl, I bet she'd show off. 

*My energy is normal; so far. 
*My appetite is increasing (but I try hard to eat fruit throughout the day! Well, to off set some of the sweets!)
*I'm sleeping pretty well (except waking up a few times to pee during the night, but Im used to it now)
*Keira told me she's excited its a boy!
* I still get heartburn, but not as often. I figured out that my nightly glass of Sunny D doesn't help! HAHAHHA. DUH!
* My back is starting to constantly ache. Yippie. 
* I started getting Braxton Hicks around week 24, and had 3 one night! I read that some people have had like 6 a day! As long as its not cramping or painful, its my body practicing. At least that's what I read. Hopefully this doesnt mean Case is going to try to come early!
* A little part of my belly button is starting to poke out. I was hoping I'd be a lucky one. 
* So far I've gained  1 1/2 cups.. haha. 

I really love being pregnant; yes, I"m one of those. I love my belly and dressing to accentuate it. I love feeling Case move and seeing him in my ultrasounds (I think I"m done with those though!). I would pay to have another one! If we didnt already have an army, I would become Michelle Dugger. Not because I want a bigger army, but I love this process of being pregnant. 

There's a part of me that gets sad and emotional, about not doing this again. Of course its easy for me to say I"d be open to more, because I dont have 3 children and a newborn right now! Obviously life is going to change, in a way that I've never experienced before. 

My husband thought he was done having kids, and I felt like I was never given the opportunity to begin. We both understand each other (I think), and I think it boils down to...4 is enough! We're both grateful for who we have, and how many we have. 

Let me tell you; I am INCREDIBLY thankful for Edwin. I am incredibly thankful for all he endured for this pregnancy to be possible. He could have told me no way jose, but he didn't. He endured a surgery and recovery for me, all because he loves me and wants me to be happy. 

His life dramatically changed, then our lives dramatically changed together, and now its another dramatic change for him to start over with a baby, and for me to feel like I'm just beginning. 

Thank you for listening. I've experienced some emotions during pregnancy! 

Until next week...


  1. Beautifully said. When Chuck and I were dating, he said he would have one more so I would be able to experience carrying a child and the act of childbirth. And having an 11 and 13 year old living with us full time now...adding another child will bring us to a full house! Even though lots of people say, "Oh, he will want more!" I know Chuck will not and I am 100% ok with it! God Bless.

  2. I'm sooo glad you are having a great pregnancy. My first was good but the last 3 have been an extremely unpleasant experience. I can't wait to see pictures. My belly button pokes out as soon as I get pregnant after my first. We laugh that it's a turkey timer, only good for one use. :)
    They say if you have lots of heartburn that your baby will have lots of hair. We can only hope, right? And boy do I hear ya when it comes to the nightly trips to the bathroom...good gravy. I think I even considered keeping a pillow in there.
    I love sitting and watching my belly flop from side to side.
    Can't wait to see pictures of your little man!

  3. Yeah that heartburn thing meaning lots of hair wasn't true for me. He barely had any!
    I also loved pregnancy. Wish I could do it again, but after going through fertility treatments and with Dean's age...alas, it was not meant to be. I love my one and only though!

    I didn't realize Edwin had surgery. That is so great of him to do that for you! So sweet!

    Good luck the last trimester. Lots of fun stuff headed your way!

  4. Kimbosue- thanks for always commenting! I dont want you to think I'm ignoring your comments; I just cant comment back since you dont have a blog! We'll see about the hair! I'm pulling for Edwin's hair. I had a full head of jet black hair and then it grew in white blonde. Then I starting to make it blonde. haha

  5. I am glad things are going so well Michelle! I can't believe you are entering your third trimester! But you probably can - lol.

    Happy Saturday!


  6. Hopefully the glucose test goes well. If it makes you feel any better when I drank the liquid stuff it wasnt half as bad as I expected it to be based on what everyone told me. I mean - it wasnt good. But I didnt gag like I thought I would. Just felt like I was gulping down sugar. And I had my normal appointment walked over to have the blood drawn.. took 2 seconds & I was done. I was only at the doctor for a total of 45 minutes - 1 hour max. Hopefully you wont have to be up there for hours!! And hopefully the needle wont be bad! Glad you are feeling well & things are moving along so well!

  7. I love reading your blog, even though I don't really know you (I found yours through Erin's blog, we went to college together). You have a wonderful man and I can only hope I find one just as wonderful. I'm so happy for you and pray things continue to go smoothly for you!
    Kristie Owen
    ps: i'm in nursing school and we are learning about pregnancy and babies, so amazing!

  8. Enjoyed reading this post and getting to know just a touch of what you're pregnancy experience has been. I'm so glad it's been a good one for you. I'm sure there will be a learning curve for you all once C/K?..ase gets here. Just remember you are not alone when you get overtired or overwhelmed....we all look forward to getting our Purell sanitized hands on the lil guy! Love yall! Mimi