Thursday, February 4, 2010

6 months; ultrasound pics and updates!

Last week; 23 weeks

So....I had my first appointment this week with my NEW OB, and I am incredibly happy and thankful that I switched! She's fantastic and exactly what I was hoping for. 

My husband just laughs at me, and tells me I"m being controlling and just want someone to over communicate with me. Yeah, so?! 

This is MY experience, MY body, and I want to know what in the world is going on with it! 

I've gained 13 pounds so far, and apparently thats right on track. Thankfully, its all gone to the right places; the belly and.....the girls. 

I had my third ultrasound this morning (thanks to my sister in law for going with me!), and although I dont enjoy paying for them (we have a lovely deductible that started over with the new year!), I will gladly do it a fourth time to know everything is right and perfect with our baby!

Baby, no name, Twitty is perfect. He's measuring exactly how he should and has large feet! I was told to expect his weight to be close to what mine was at birth, which was almost 9 pounds. Seriously?!

Induce me please. I am not pushing out a 8 pound, or 9 pound baby. Nope. 

They were checking my placenta since it was low during the previous ultrasound. It's still low, BUT not an issue; thankfully. I'll know later on if my OB wants me to continue having ultrasounds to make sure it stays where its at, and doesnt cover my cervix (sorry if there are any fellas reading this!). Apparently its only an issue the last few weeks of pregnancy, and if it covers the babies way out! 

Good news; I"m in the clear for now and they expect that to remain the case. 

Baby, no name, Twitty is VERY active; although I dont feel all his movements. They always ask me how much caffeine I've had before I have my appointments! haha

I did have a very emotional week last week! I think I apologized to my husband over and over for being so emotional. I didnt feel the baby for a few days, and I got VERY nervous since he had been really active multiple times a day. After being told by a nurse, that its normal for movements to come and go at this point, I continued to feel upset and uneasy. After speaking with my mom, sister in law, and some friends, I left work and SHOWED UP at the OB's office!

Hi; I"m emotional right now and I dont have an appointment. Can you find someone to see me?!

After hearing the babies heartbeat, a HUGE peace and relief came over me. And then I began to feel him again. I will NEVER hesitate to wait again, even if its just to bring peace of mind. 

His head is still down under (like the last ultrasound), booty at my belly button, and feet curled up above my belly button. The nurse said he may just stay that way the whole time, or flip back and forth! 

It's interesting knowing his position, because it explains some "odd" feelings I've had! Pelvic pressure and throbbing (I guess his little head is just bobbing around; again, sorry for the TMI)

I've apparently had some Braxton Hicks contractions and just didnt realize it. I had one during the ultrasound and the nurse told me. 

I thought it was supposed to hurt like cramps?! I guess I'll get there soon enough...

So without any more delay; here are the newest pictures of our little peanut! 

Back, booty, and leg!
Leg up; kicking mommy. It was so cool to feel his kicks, and see his movements at the same time on the monitor! 
My little peanuts face

I can't wait to meet this little guy!


  1. What a cutie little booty!

    YAY for baby kicks! And tell Edwin to leave you alone. You're the MAMA!

  2. I think every momma has been nervous like that. I know I have. It's fun when the baby gets bigger and you can see your whole belly flop around. Very entertaining. Glad things are going so good and glad you had such a good first meeting with your new Dr. Can't wait to see baby pictures!!!!

  3. Cute cute pictures of your little baby! I'm so excited for you. One of my best friends is pregnant and just found out she is having a boy today.

    I had three babies that were over 9 pounds and was induced two weeks early with all of them! I think it's because I'm tall and they had lots of room to grow. On the plus side, they all slept through the night early (except for the first one who had reflux). So excited for you!

    Have a great week!


  4. I was ony 6 lbs at birth and you and Jason weighed nearly 9 pounds so that theory didn't hold true for me. I can't imagine you having a nine pounder but you know he'll be growing into those big feet! See you this afternoon!

  5. I think its just great you switched doctors, it is SO important to be in sync with your doctor. When they come in the room when your in labor you want to feel peace, not stress!! Congratulations, he looks so cute. Did you ever have to resort to the ginger water advice I gave you?

  6. Those pictures are SO amazing! How exciting to see that!! :) Congratulations!