Thursday, January 21, 2010

A new OB for me (and new prego pic)

Here are some quick, or not so quick, updates on our family 

My pregnancy

I decided to switch OB's to another Dr.. in the office. There were a few things that occurred that really ticked me off, and made me feel uneasy. A few friends suggested I switched doctor's so my experience would be better! I know I'm just a job and this is all routine to them, BUT this is MY experience and my appointments are MY time! I feel like I have to push down doors for communication and my phone calls are never returned. 

The most recent thing occurred during my last ultrasound where they noticed a ... we'll call it, "placenta issue". The dr. doing the ultrasound said my OB would talk to me about it and let me know when to schedule another ultrasound so they could "watch it". my next appointment my dr. apparently didn't read my chart or something, because she didnt say anything. 

Here I am reading on the internet information, and freaking out about the possibilities; and my doctor just doesn't say anything! I obviously am a big girl and took it upon myself to bring it up, but she still didnt tell me when to schedule the next ultrasound with the other dr. So I called and scheduled it myself. (it's on Feb.4th by the way!)

That's not a huge thing, but it's a thing. We also had a possible outbreak of fifth's disease with one of my babies at work, and I called twice asking if I needed a blood test and never received a phone call back. Come on people! It's like I'm forgotten every appointment, and have to remind my doctor who I am. 

I've just heard too many great experiences from my friends and want the same thing for me!

Other than that, I"m feeling great! I feel normal, but with a growing belly. I still haven't been able to take prenatal's since I get sick every time I take them. I've been taking flintstones and getting extra calcium to supplement. I actually tried to take a pill last night and got sick. What's the deal?!
22 weeks
So we're going to register next weekend, and I"m super excited! We're borrowing a bassinet from a friend, so the baby will be in our room the first few months (because right now there's no where else for the little guy to go, until we move!) We're getting a crib and bedding, but we wont put it up until we're in the next house. 

Here's what we've picked (this is the ONLY bedding I've found that both Edwin and I like, AND that's not $500)
Family Updates

Kade has strep throat. Lovely. Im about to take Kai to the doctor for him to get tested too! Let's just hope the whole family doesn't get it! Kade will turn TWELVE next week! Can you believe it?! Oh my. Im very thankful he's not too interested in girls yet, but that can all change next year! He didn't get to play basketball this year (which I dont think really bothered him too much), so he's looking forward to baseball season and football next year! 

Keira is learning a ton in PreK and kisses my belly all the time. Her hair is growing like crazy too! Her newest thing is to take guitar lessons and play basketball. I guess dance just wasn't her thing!

Kai is a super great reader and does really well in school. He's looking forward to baseball, and I think secretly he has a passion for music. I think when he's older he'll end up taking on an instrument or something! We've explained that he can take music lessons or piano lessons, but I think he's afraid to try something new right now. 

My brother and sister in law are receiving a 5 day old baby today, through the foster system! Im so excited for them! They have a 5 year old and a 3 year old (Ethan and Adelaide). The Judy's and Twitty's keep expanding! My parents are becoming instant grandparents again!


That's it folks


  1. Just a quick thought. I'm not sure what the laws in TX are but in Ohio midwives deliver in the hospital. I had a midwife for all four of mine and the personal attention and communication is awesome. They are directly under an OB so there is that comfort as well as delivering at the hospital makes me more comfortable. But midwives are patient and they take their time during labor and there's no rushing. It might be something you want to look into. But midwives aren't for everyone. I hope you get the delightful experience it should be for everyone. Can't wait to see baby pictures. :)

  2. Michelle!!! Your belly is just too cute. You are tiny!!!

    I am sorry you had some issues with your OB, good for you for taking charge and making the change. I am sure you will be glad you did!

    Good luck with everything - I am sure it will all go smoothly. I am so excited for you!!


  3. Hey! I wasnt taking my prenatals at all - they made me sick or nauseous the entire time even through the end of the 2nd trimester so I couldnt take them. The doctor said it was fine and after the 8th or 12th week or something like that the vitamins were really more for me than the baby anyway. So I just took regular vitamins instead.

    Im finally where I can take them now. I take them at night. Im sure I could take them in the afternoon but Im too afraid it will make me feel yucky again so I just do it at night.

    Hopefully the liquid prenatal ones work for you! I definitely feel better when I take them. (could be all mental! but I feel like I have more energy etc.)

    Glad things are going well and you were able to get a doctor that you like! Cant wait to see more pictures!