Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 32 and Driving Race car pictures!

32 weeks
32 weeks (at my Dallas shower)

So for Christmas my mom bought Edwin, my dad, and brother Jason, a "ride along" with a professional race car driver and an opportunity for them to drive themselves! We went to Dallas this past weekend for a baby shower for me, and for them to "feel the need for speed"!

Getting ready!

My dad
Jason with Ethan and Adelaide
Crawling in
The fellas waiting for their turn!
Edwin's next!
Jason's next!
My dad crawling out after his ride along
Edwin crawling out from his ride along!
My mom and Ethan. Ethan thought it was too loud
Edwin starting to drive. Ready for 140?!
My dad about to drive!

Watching from the stands. Heidi, my sister in law, her kiddos, and my mom
Dad got "interviewed"
Jason about to drive

Edwin crawling in to drive
After going 140 on a race track. He looks a little disoriented! 
It was a blast to watch, and a great Christmas gift from my mom to the boys! 


  1. Wow! You're looking great! Or...as one country song says, "One hot mama!" Hope you're feeling good too. Not much longer. This was always the worst part for me, I just get so eager to meet the little one that I can't wait very well.

  2. I could hardly handle the excitement of just watching them drive. Michelle maybe next year the girls need to branch out and feel the need for speed. or not.

    You are getting closer and closer to officially meeting Kase! We're so elated at the thought!

  3. A ride with a professional race car driver is an awesome treat! I can imagine the great disoriented feeling after a fast ride, which is a lot like the rush one gets from a roller coaster ride. This gave me an idea what to get for Christmas for my brother.