Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween: Football, carnival, and trick or treating!

For Halloween, we had Kade's football game which started almost 2 hours late! It was senior appreciation (There is a Freshman-Senior team based upon age; 8-12), and that took up a good chunk of time. We got to walk down on the field (in between the cheerleaders that all try to talk to Kade!)! We rushed home to get the kiddos into their costumes, and met some fam at a church carnival... and then took the kids trick or treating. 

Kade wasn't completely thrilled to stand in front of everyone, and hold a flower to hand me! ha.
Walking off
Our Star Wars dude, football player, and princess!
Trunk or Treating at the carnival. I"m munching on some candy; lovely picture! 
Trunk or Treat! Kade was running around with some buddies, trying to ignore some girls that kept trying to take his picture. Seriously. Dumb girls.
Kai and Keira! Too funny
The kids found the mother load house, that handed out large boxes of candy!
Our stash! 
We all munched on candy throughout the night and had cotton candy at the carnival, but we gave them an extra 5 minutes right before bed, to dig in! 
And I think Keira is in a sugar coma! 
Hope you had a good Halloween! 

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  1. Looks like so much fun. And look at all the candy!