Saturday, October 24, 2009

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Sorry that I dont blog as often as I used to! I know some of you check our blog for family updates, and I apologize for not doing it enough! Here are the latest...

1. My belly is looking "bloated", but its not anything you would really notice. Edwin and I can tell bc we know what I usually look like! I have my next dr.'s appointment in 2 weeks (Nov.6th) and I'll be 11 1/2 weeks then. I'm REALLY hoping we'll hear the babies heartbeat.
2. I have NOT been sick the past 4 days. A little nauseous at times, but not sick. I"m SOOOO hoping that's the end of it! How great would that be?! 
3. Kai asked how the baby is going to get out. Next....
4. Keira answered, "through a bubble in the belly." Hum.....
5. I set them both straight with a very simple; yet, truthful answer. I didnt expect to have that conversation with a 5 and 7 year old, but I suppose being pregnant stirs their minds. 
6. Kade is almost Petrified at the thought of it being a boy, and being in their room. Where else is another boy supposed to go?! 
7. We have no idea what we're doing for Halloween yet; since our church has decided not to have a fall festival this year. However; Keira is going to be a beautiful princess (duh), Kai is going to be Cody from Star Wars (stormtrooper), and Kade is going to be himself in his football uniform. I was going to wear my old cheerleading uniform to work (we can dress up), but I"m second guessing. I dont want to have to say all day; "yes, it still fits me." 
8. My parents, brother, sister in law, and their children are coming to visit us in 2 weeks!
9. I want Edwin to get us tickets to Mary Poppins for Christmas. It's coming to Houston!
10. The Chinese gender prediction calender says we're going to have a boy. I"m trying to get excited about the possibility of another boy. haha. 
11. All the kids are doing fantastic in school. Kade's grades are great, Kai is way past his reading level, and Keira has a bunch of words and small books she can read! 
12. Kade's a stud in football. 
13. I look at houses online in Dallas, and I get real sad. Maybe I should stop.
14.  Right after the baby is born (end of May), we have to move somewhere, because our lease on our rent house will be up!
15.  I can't wait for Christmas. The kids are beginning to share some things they would like, and Edwin and I are going to begin shopping! Love it. 
16. The washing machine just beeped in the background, indicating the cycle is complete. Im going to ignore it. 
17.  Kai has basketball tryouts Nov. 2nd and then will begin practice! This will be the first time he's tried basketball. . Kade doesn't start until January (which is also when games will begin for Kai)
18. Edwin had a surprise trip planned for our 1st anniversary, but we had to cancel it because of moving this summer etc....Now that I"m pregnant, I dont know when or if we'll get to take that trip! wah, wah. 

I really don't have any more updates. Hopefully I'll get some Halloween pictures uploaded next Sunday! 


  1. 7. Edwin is strongly considering being
    Dwight K. Schrute for Halloween.
    9. Mary Poppins doesn't run that long.
    12. Yes he is.
    15. I hope the boys get an Xbox 360! haha
    18. ~sigh~

  2. Hi Michelle!
    I am glad you are starting to feel a little better. Maybe you will be fine from now on - I hope so! I am glad that everything is gong so well for you all!


  3. For Halloween We might try 2nd Baptist Pasa behind Target. I think they are renting out that indoor soccer place, we've played v-ball there b4. Anyway, I got a flyer that its from 5-7. Or, we've been to San Jacinto Baptist in DP. Also very fun. We haven't finalized our plans yet so we might be there?? Let us know if ya go. Love to get kid costume pics!

  4. God bless baby twitty as those eyes are forming this week - may they form beautiful to see clearly one day!