Friday, August 6, 2010

House and kids update

This is manly to family and those that are praying we close on our house!

Today is exactly 3 WEEKS past our original closing date. Seriously. We're under contract on a foreclosure and the bank has just completely dropped the ball on this. We have 5 DAYS left on our contract, and we're no closer to closing, than we were 3 weeks ago. There are many people involved calling and sending emails, trying to get answers and push for closing. We've been told all that's left, is to be assigned a closer and we should at the LATEST next Wednesday. We'll see..

We've boxed up alot (so I've been cooking in ONE casserole pan and rewashing constantly, since everything else is packed!). We have our painters and new floors standing by, awaiting our call to do work! Its been very frustrating and stressful; but, there's nothing we can do about it!

In other news; Kade was at preteen camp this week and had a great time! Kase has developed a personality and will be 3 months next Wednesday! I can't believe it! Kai just turned 8 and Keira's birthday is next weekend, and will be 6! holy smokes. We only have 1 more week before returns back as a teacher, and the following week is when the 3 kiddos go to school. Summer went really fast; as I expected though with having a baby!

I"m hoping to have POSITIVE house news soon!

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  1. Michelle! Im so sorry about your house. Not that Im an expert but I receive phones calls like this every day in my office & I hate that youre going through it too. Hopefully it will be resolved soon!! Brooke