Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kase; hey faaaaaaty!

So much has gone on since the last time I blogged. I really shouldn't let that much time pass, but life is busy; so Im sorry!

Kase is NOT colicky. What a quack of a dr. No, Im kidding; but maybe he was in the beginning. He's been on reflux medicine and it certainly seems to have changed him! Of course he still cries and sometimes has difficult nights; but he's a baby! He's 13lbs now; hey faaaaty! He's in the 90th percentile! I guess I"m a feeding machine! He's definitely developed a personality and I love to see him smile! He doesnt sleep long at one time; takes little cat naps during the day, and still likes to be held all the time. Edwin says I'm beginning to develop bad habits that will effect the next 4-6 years! eeks. BUT don't you feel like you're in survival mode when you have a baby!? Im just trying to make it through the day, and consider it exceptional if I get dinner on the table or get ANY housework done!

He still goes only 2 hours in between feedings, which really stinks at night. BUT it doesn't bother me anymore; as long as he's not having crying spells during the night! He usually wakes up around 5am or so and is very restless and doesn't really go back to sleep. That kinda stinks, because I certainly don't want to wake up at 5am! But Edwin told me that's usually when babies wake up. BOOOOOOOO

We went to Florida a few weeks ago and kase was just perfect! We had two flights to get there, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. All the kids were great; what a blessing. Of course they all fell apart when we got home. Isn't that typical. Florida was so fun though! The weather was overcast, which was PERFECT for Kase and I to be on the beach and by the pool!

Did I tell you that we bought a house?! We were SUPPOSED to close last Friday, but when you're dealing with a foreclosure; details and timing are crappy. There's one little detail the bank has to do, and they just haven't done it yet. Come on! Closing was supposed to be THIS Friday, but now we're going to be out of town for a funeral, and we're HOPING to close early next week. We want this house! Im trying not to get stressed with all these details, and an upcoming road trip with a 2 month old. I can cry just thinking about it all.

Enough of the words. Here are some updated pictures!

Kase trying out the pool; not a fan

Me and my little munchkin on the beach
Keira (5)
Kai (8)

Kade (12)
Kase and his giant bathing suit!
Last but not least; this is the house we're trying to close on!


  1. Kase is such a kutie, just like the other K's.
    Ya'll are definitely blessed! So excited for you about the house, it looks fantastic. Also so sorry about Grandmama B, but so thankful to know that she is having quite a reunion at the feet of her Saviour. Love ya, Patti & Martin

  2. Great post...and highly anticipated!! JJ :) everyone knows you've had your hands full! Kase is so adorable and I can't wait to hold him and see his smile. He fills your whole lap! Jason looked like a sumo wrestler when he was a baby....I LOVE "Michelin" babies with rolls....more to squeeze!
    So many exciting baby and new house! Good stuff!
    Love yall and see you in a couple of weeks~

  3. Great pics Michelle! Hang in there, I gets easier. I never had a colicky baby but I do (did) have one that was not a good sleeper until a couple weeks ago. The kids look great- I can't believe they are growing up. Kase is a cutie too. Congrats on the house- it looks great. Give the kiddos hugs and tell Edwin I am sorry about his grandma. Hope to see you soon.

  4. Yay for the post! Some babies need to be held more, keep listening to your instinct (its there for a reason!). Silas is also clingy, but as he's wanting to do more things, he is naturally spending less time in my arms. Besides, a babies NEED to be held (he was just cocooned in your belly) is different from a 4-yr olds WANT to be held :-) You're right, you're in survival mode and bfing around the clock. Anyone who has done that would never criticize your need to sleep- even if it means holding him all the time! Keep doing your thing momma! You're doing great and he' thriving on your beautiful skills!!!!

  5. Oh - he is so adorable. It is so hard to get through when they are so small and you are not getting much sleep. My first baby had terrible reflux and ended up having an operation when he was 3 to fix it. But it was hard with the reflux plus the not sleeping for so long. So whatever you have to do to get through this time is the way to go.

    I am so glad the medicine is working! He is adorable and you look GREAT!


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