Monday, April 26, 2010

5 things that I love

Here are 5 things that I"m loving NOW

1. The baby in the belly: Kase. Look at those cheeks!

2. Thoughts of Florida! We're going this summer, and I cant wait.

3. The weather! It's finally warm enough for tanks and sundresses! (4 weeks left by the way)
4. McDonald's Sweet Tea; mmmmmm

5. The opportunity and blessings of staying at home!

What are you loving?! Obviously I love my husband and kiddos too, but that's assumed, right?!
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  1. Happy FMM! I've never been to Florida, but the picture makes me want to go...

    Have a blessed week...

  2. I love love love Florida. My son lives there with my ex! What's not to love about a baby?
    Happy FMMQ

  3. I am with you on all of these. Except, I don't have a baby in my belly. But, if I did... I loved wearing capris and tanks with my first pregnancy. So much more comfy than winter clothes. Sweet Tea, yum, Florida, a dream, and staying home is such a blessing. It's the best! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy FMM!

  4. I would love to check out Florida. What a blessing to stay home and having a new baby too! Yay!
    Happy FMM!

  5. Awe, sweet baby in your belly! YAY for warmer weather for dresses!!

    Happy FMMs!

  6. Oh la la! A FL vacation! What part??

  7. Great list. Florida sounds fun, I've never been. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Great list. I would love to go to Florida. Maybe next summer. Happy FMM.

  9. When and where are you going in Florida? We are going to Destin in should be right at 6 weeks old so I figure that's a good time. I can't wait either!