Thursday, June 25, 2009

1 year anniversary coming up!

So our 1 year anniversary is July 26th; seems like just around the corner! Edwin said he has something up his sleeve, and we're going somewhere! He said we're staying in Texas (so I dont get too excited, and think we're going to Paris, or New York, or Florida! haha). I wasn't really expecting anything, since he's still recovering from his surgery and all. We agreed not to do gifts, since the surprise trip is the gift. BUT I still WANT to do something! Maybe something homemade?! I started a wedding scrapbook for Valentines day (and haven't worked on it since. I need to finish it!), so I can't do anything like that. Any ideas?! He reads my blog a lot, so I just wont say what I decide to do! Sometimes I just need a little inspiration, to get my creative juices flowing!  It's so fun to think of things and ideas for occasions like this! 


  1. Hi Michelle,
    You can go and make a wonderful gift.

    My daughter and I made a wonderful gift to frame for my hubby for Father's Day! I didn't get it posted on my blog, but I first saw it at 12 Months of Christmas blog!. It looks great and is super easy!


  2. Sounds exciting! I dont have any ideas since we spent our first anniversary with a 1 week old. I think my mom watched him while we went to was the fastest dinner ever though, I felt like such a bad mom leaving him that soon! ha! I can't wait to hear what he has in store for deserve something amazing!!

  3. How exciting! I am trying to remember what we did for ours... It's been so long - lol!


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  5. Thanks for leaving a comment! I am so thrilled to have found your blog AND your cooking blog. My biggest question is how do you make such fabulous dishes and still look like you do? I will visit often...