Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kase's 1st hair cut

Kase (18 months this week!) finally had his first hair cut this morning! He's had pretty long hair, but I didnt want to cut it yet! I attempted to trim it myself a few months ago, but I made him look like dumb and dumber.

The hair cut was rather traumatic. I tried to hold him at first, but he went nuts! They actually told me to go and hide, and let them just deal with it! They got about half way through (so it seemed to be working!), but asked me to come back and hold him for the end. I took some pictures with my cell phone; sorry for the horrible quality!

He has no idea whats about to happen. haha

This is when they told me to hide, and I tried to sneak a picture

The owner of the Salon went and took this one for me! He looks so miserable! Poor guyThey finished off his hair cut like this!
Checking out the new do in the mirror
Happy to be home and eating goldfish! He crashed shortly after this!


  1. awesome!! he looks cute! thats soo hard to do!! i hate it when they cry!!! poor lil guy! i have done it a hundred times tho!

  2. I love it! He looks like such a big boy, I can hardly believe it! He is so handsome. Can't wait to see you guys!!!

  3. Adorable!! Reid did the same thing too. Glad it's over! :)

  4. My mom has a nice trick for haircuts. She took my younger sister for a haircut with my small cousin. First my cousin had a haircut and she cried a lot.

    Then my sister had a haircut and she did not cry. She wanted to show my cousin that she had no problem cutting her hair.

    My mom is really smart.

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