Monday, August 15, 2011

Are you ready for the kids to start school?!

I know lots of people started school this week, but my kiddos dont start til next Monday. My husband, who's a teacher, went back yesterday. Am I ready for the school year to start? I've had a husband and FOUR kids at home all summer; do I need to answer that?! No, Im kidding, but I do have some thoughts on the school year starting! Here are my thoughts; just in case you're interested!

* I love the summer. We ventured to Florida, went to Austin, and the kids had some church camps. These are all things we don't really get to do during the school year. We also spent some time in Dallas with my family there, and usually we only go during our Christmas break
*It's super nice to have my husband at home all day; considering we have 4 kids. Its nice to have the help, as well as a break, when I need it!
*I'm really not sure if a job came along, that paid more money, would be worth losing my husband for the summer!
*Chores and cooking pretty much went out the window over the summer.
*I think we're the only ones that still dont give our kids a "summer bedtime", because no matter what, half of them are up by 7! (And thats just a disaster to let them stay up late, knowing they're going to wake early and be cranky all the time!)
*I am definitely ready to get back to menu planning and cooking again. I haven't been to the store, and we have nothing to eat or cook right now!
*I am ready for all of us to get back to a routine and schedule; thus, HOORAY for school!


  1. I agree. Yea for school. The kids started back in July because they do year round here. I actually like it because they are coming up on their first three week break.


  3. You have a beautiful family! you should check out my blog