Sunday, May 22, 2011

My baby's 1st birthday party

This past Saturday we had a little shindig for our son's first birthday! We didn't want to make it a huge deal; just because you never know if they'll be sleepy or in the mood! Thankfully he had some great naps before the party, so he was good to go! We just had some family in the area, stop by for some cake and cupcakes! Of course I had to decorate a little bit!

The Big ONE polka dots

Having some fun as the party started!
Cousin, Miss Quinn, striking a pose
Miss Blayke wearing Kase's birthday hat! Somebody had to; there's no way Kase was!
I think Kase is laughing, that his cousin is flashing him

Trampoline; one of the best investments we've made.

Just sang happy birthday, and he's "assessing" his cake
he figured it out.
Sharing some cake with daddy!
Time for a quick bath in the sink
Got to get all that chocolate off, so the party can continue!
Opening presents (with the help of a cousin and daddy of course!)
Eating a birthday card
Looking at some presents with Aunt Misty
The 3 kids enjoying Kase's new toys!
My red velvet cake; and all the leftovers I get to eat!
Thank you for those that came, and for making it special AND non stressful! Happy birthday little man!

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  1. Happy Birthday Little Guy! Looks like it was a nice day too.

  2. Congrats to the both of you for surviving the first year. Chelle- I admire your grace, your beauty and inner strength. It takes a ton of character raising a huge family. When plus one makes four, the heat is on and you were definitely hand picked by God to navigate this life with these sweet, sweet children! I pray for you and Edwin daily. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family! Much cali <3in' from the Hansens!!! <3 I just wish Cali and Texas could be closer!!!!

  3. YOu are so talented! I love the balls in the jars!

  4. Such a cute idea for a boy party! I think you are incredibly brave to go with the chocolate cake for him but I LOVE that you are that brave. And I am jealous about that red velvet cake- my fave!

    Happy Birthday Kase!

  5. I can't believe he's a year old already! The party looked fabulous. Good job!

  6. Fantastic! "How can I show you how grateful I am for what you did?"

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