Thursday, October 14, 2010

Funny 1 liners from my labor with Kase

My mom wrote down all the funny stuff I said, while in labor and delivery with Kase. She just found the piece of paper and shared them with me! Im a pretty funny girl. I was drugged up pretty good (had preclampsia and was on all sorts of stuff for it, that made me pretty loopy and feel really groggy!) I dont remember saying half of this stuff!


* Nurse- "Michelle, whats your highest level of education, and your job?"
Me- "Masters, and homemaker. I make smart cookies!"

* Foreign anesthesiologist- He asked me three questions with his BACK to me.
Me to Nurse- "What is he saying?!"(I couldnt understand him!)
Me to Anesthesiologist- I'm putting my life in your hands; can you please look at me?!"

*Me- "I haven't eaten in over 24 hours. I would like to be eating a Cinnabon during my last push, followed by french toast, and a Citrus Squeeze from Jamba Juice"

*Nurse to me- "the contractions are getting stronger now, so this will really test your pain tolerance."
Me- "I have IBS, it can't be worse than that!"
Nurse- "Oh, you'll be fine then!"

*My Dad was standing behind a curtain during delivery, auto taping the delivery
Me- "That has to be illegal!"

*We had not made up our minds on Kase's middle name; Holden or Michael. The lady to complete the birth certificate walked in and asked, so we told her to come back in 5 minutes!
Me- "What's his middle name?!"
Edwin- "Let's play rock, paper, scissors for it!"
My Dad- "Since Edwin likes poker, I think it should be Kase Holdem"

Hope that gave you a good laugh!


  1. I love that you wanted a Cinnabon during your last push. That's hilarious! Thanks for sharing, you are funny :)

  2. Great idea by your Mom...those were great! ha

  3. Those are so funny. I wish my husband had done that. I was never on drugs though so I might not have been so funny.