Tuesday, June 8, 2010

labor/Delivery/Kase pictures

Sorry its taking me a while to post more pictures! I seriously feel like Im constantly feeding; a human vending machine. Kase is also pretty fussy and does NOT like to be put down, or to be on his back! Makes for very LONG nights. He loves to snuggle up and sleep on mommy and daddy's chest, and is just content to stay like that!

My mom and mother in law
Edwin giving me some love during labor
My dad hiding behind a curtain during delivery. He wanted to be in the room, but not "IN" the room!
Some oxygen before push time
Taking a little rest (I slept through most of labor)
Pushing! I had Edwin bring that fan from home! The medicine I was on made me so HOT! I had it 60 degrees in the room!
Poor little guy needed some oxygen right when he came out.

First glimpse of Kase
Kase Holden Twitty; brand new
Daddy and brothers
Party in my room! It was about this time that I spiked a fever and got real sick, and they took Kase to the nursery til the next day. :(

At home in our lamb seat
Sporting some stylish fashions
Day 5: going for a pedi
He's not a fan of his bassinet. He doesnt like to be on his back! Just on mommy and daddy

Most of these pictures were taken with IPhones so they're not great quality! I have more pictures on our camera, but I can't locate the USB cord at the moment!


  1. We have the same lamb bouncer seat! I also have the matching swing, which I love! Congrats; your little guy is a cutie!

  2. Congrats!! What a sweetie! Enjoy every moment because before you know it he will be graduating from High School!

  3. He is precious. Congratulations! I am sure all the kiddos are super excited to have a baby in the house!
    I bet it was Magnesium you were on. I was on it too and it made me SO.HOT! Everyone else had on jackets!

  4. Awe! You and he both look fabulous! Hang in there during these first few months...you're not alone. I'm right there struggling (and not sleeping) with you!

  5. hi! I am an old friend of Jessica's and I just wanted to congratulate you AND to tell you about getting a baby sling for your new little one. it makes days and nights a LOT easier when babe wants to just be cuddled. there is a cute little shop out in Copperfield where someone can help you get fitted and answer any questions. this is our favorite, http://www.nurturedfamily.com/hava-baby-sling.aspx. best wishes. erin white

  6. Human vending machine huh? As funny as that sounds, I know it can be wearing. Before you know it, he'll be on to the next stage and you'll just wish that he would cuddle with you! Hope to see you all soon.....Love yall!