Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Keira's first day of Pre K

Today was Keira's first day of her Pre K class. Of course I took pictures to capture the moment! I had to be at work a few minutes before her class began, so she hung out in my classroom with the babies for a few minutes! She was a little put out that she didnt play all day; like she's used to in preschool and Mother's Day out! I know she's going to learn a lot this year!

Taking some pictures at the house...
I can't believe how long her hair is now!
Who's ready for school?! Keira!
so pretty
Keira at her desk
Ready for the school year to begin!
or maybe not...
At the end of the day, she had fun but gave it a "so so", since she had to sit at a desk and learn!
And this was my day at work; just a few classrooms down from Keira! My pretty little babies...


  1. She's so pretty and smiles all the time...she's a sweetie.

  2. She's such a cutie! And the babies look so sweet too... I wish I could keep them all day long.

    P.S. I'm here via Misty's bloggy, but I grew up in church with your husband. :0)
    Kim Culpepper Artall

  3. Oh she is so adorable. What a cute little face! I hope she had a wonderful day!


  4. Oh my gosh...she's so adorable! Just wanta pick her up and squeeze her!!! I love the different expressions you captured....excitement, maybe a little apprehension.....all just a part of growin up! And they are all growing so fast! Thanks for sharing~

  5. she is so adorable. What a cute little face! I hope she had a wonderful day!

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