Thursday, August 27, 2009

First day of school pictures

The first week of school is almost over! We're extremely blessed to have a great teacher/family friend for Kai's first grade teacher! His cousin Seth is also in his class, so I know the boys are just lovin that! We don't know Kade's teacher, but I'm sure we'll meet eventually :)
Kade found out he made the football team (didnt I already write that in another post?!), and he has his first scrimmage on Saturday. Im really excited to see him play. Its been somewhat rough, because most of the other kids have been playing for years, and this is Kade's first year. He's still doing great though, and really enjoying it. Edwin and I ordered a team t-shirt for us to wear to his games! Stay tuned for football pictures!

Sorry, I dont have any spectacular pictures; but I know you family members will want to see what I have!

Ready to go! (Kai's school supplies are apparently weighing him down!)

Still sleepy; no more summer sleeping!
Keira's the only one awake!
Kai at his desk!
After school
I brought the boys some sonic drinks
mmmm; a good drink to end a good day!


  1. They're always good on the first day! It's all those other days you gotta worry about! ;)

  2. I love the puffy, sleepy eyes. My girls look the same way in the mornings. Mara just said last night...."I think Kai is such a cute kid"...talking as if she's grown or something...ha ha!

  3. Cute, cute pictures! They are adorable. It looks like they had a nice day!