Friday, July 24, 2009

I"ve been MIA from Blogland

OH My lanta; I haven't blogged in forever! We're moving out this weekend (by Monday), so we've been incredibly busy packing boxes etc. Let me be honest with all of you, and share what our plans are (or lack there of!) Currently, we still don't have a job in dallas to move for; but our house has sold and we're moving out. SOOO our plan is to stay with my parents in Dallas, and view it as a little "2 week vacation". If a miracle doesn't occur during that time; we'll be moving back to Houston and staying in a rent house for a while. We didn't think it would turn out this way, and we're still holding out for something to happen in the next few weeks; but, we're also trying to be realistic. It's been pretty stressful to figure it all out, and kinda emotional with all the "what if's" and disappointments. 

I also haven't blogged, because something TERRIBLE has happened to my Iphoto on my computer. Somehow all my pictures were wiped out, and I"m in the process of trying to recover my photos, and get it figured out. VERY frustrating. 

Hopefully my next blog will be of some fun in Dallas! We're going to this AMAZING hotel this weekend in Dallas, with an indoor water park! AMAZING. 

OH: Our 1 year anniversary is Sunday! We're going to spend the day packing; and although we had to cancel our trip, it's just POSTPONED. We will go! He Promised!



  1. Happy 1st Anniversary. Your cake top waits for you - it's in the freezer. Get your tired selves over here and rest up, we got a very busy Cuz Camp waiting for the kids!

  2. What kind of job is he looking for???

  3. Michelle -
    I will be praying that things work out for you. I have missed you in blogland, but I know how stressful packing and moving is. Plus losing your pictures - I hope you can recover those.